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When choosing a New Jersey hardwood floor, the options are immense. We prefer to install a traditional ¾ inch depth unfinished wood floor that is sanded and finished after installation, but we realize this is not always the best application for every job. We offer many other options such as engineered flooring, laminate flooring and prefinished flooring. All the flooring we install comes from top name manufacturers and carries excellent warranties. The best way to choose a floor is to let us at A-1 come to a free in home estimate to evaluate what will work and make you as a customer happy. We can provide you with free samples or you could go to one of our large showrooms to see numerous options available. All of our NJ wood floor refinishing and installations are done to perfection. We use state of the art equipment and professional expertise to provide you with a floor that will last a lifetime.
UNFINISHED FLOORING-This is the old school way of doing floors. This New Jersey hardwood flooring product is a solid real wood product that is milled directly from the tree. They can be refinished 10 to 20 times and comes in almost every species imaginable. The best results are achieved because they are sanded after they are installed removing all lips and edges. There are no gaps or crevices between the seams of the boards to gather dust and dirt. The floor should be as smooth across the grain as it is with the grain when finished. The best application is to use a pneumatic stapler to attach the flooring to the subfloor.
PREFINISHED FLOORING- This product gives the convenience of using the floors the same day they are installed. They usually come from the factory with a hard finish and a warranty from the manufacturer. The best of these are a solid wood product that can be refinished in the future. There are numerous brands of prefinished flooring such as Somerset, Bruce, and Mirage. There are also cheap versions of prefinished usually made in China. They usually come with a small bevel on the edge of the boards to compensate for the fact that they are not sanded after installation. These floors are best if installed with a pneumatic stapler to attach to the subfloor.

ENGINEERED FLOORING-These floors are best for drastic changes in humidity levels or over concrete. They are a real hardwood veneer glued to a plywood base. The plywood is not affected by moisture the way most hardwoods are. It can stand up to the moisture without cupping or crowning as much as hardwood. They are perfect for concrete because they eliminate the need for a separate subfloor and then the hardwood usually measuring one and a half inches in height. Most of these floors are installed floating with a foam pad between the subfloor and the flooring. Some of these floors have a veneer thick enough to be refinished. Some do not.
LAMINATE FLOORING-This is the least expensive of flooring options. The surface of this material is usually a formica type product adhered to a cardboard type base. The companies that make this product are Pergo, Wilsonart, and others. You can find these in your local Home Depot or Lowes and we can usually match the product and save you money. The choices for the surface appearance are immense and so are the qualities of each product. Pergo has three different grades of product alone. These floors cannot be refinished.

Red Oak- This is the most popular choice among homeowners. It provides a heavy grain that stands out yet is relatively consistent in color depending on the grade chosen. Available in #2, #1, Select, and Clear grades. Quarter-sawn, milled 90 degrees from normal, is another way to have a unique floor.

White Oak- This floor has got to be the best floor for the money. It is a little cheaper than Red Oak, but is so tough and stain resistant it makes it the best choice for people with multiple pets or lots of kids. Again, it is offered in #2, #1, Select and Clear grades. Quarter Sawn White Oak is also the best choice for radiant heat.

Cherry- If a little red is what you’re after, then maybe cherry is for you. American cherry has a great deal of character and white flashes. It is not as durable as other species, but it will hold up well if cared for correctly. Available in #2, #1, and Clear Grades.

Maple- This is one of the lightest colored floors available in hardwood. With a water-based finish it is a very light colored  floor. It is also available in multiple grades of #2, #1, and Clear. This floor has a light grain and is also relatively consistent in color. 
Pine- Here we have various species and different cuts. There is Douglas Fir, Southern Yellow Pine, White Pine, Heart Pine, Knotty Pine, Rustic and Clear Grades. This is not the best floor for its durability, but may be the only choice for that special or antique look.

Hickory- This floor gives such a variation in color that it looks very rustic or rich in character. It is a very durable and hard floor. Available in Rustic and Clear Grades.

Ash-  Lighter in color than oak, and has a softer grain similar to pine. Available in #2, #1, and Clear Grades.

Brazillian Cherry- This is the most popular of the exotic hardwoods offered today. Its durability and character are second to none. It is also not excessively priced, making it one of the most affordable of the exotics. It has a darker richer color and is harder than the oak species. The tight grain is similar to mahogany or teak.

Exotics- There are numerous species out there.  Please ask our rep to help you if you are interested in any other species not listed previously. These would include Walnut, Teak, Mahogany, Wenge, Ipe, Bloodwood, Cypress, Merbau, Purpleheart, and many others. 

BORDERS- A border can be placed around the room or following a theme to accent that area. Borders can be made of the same species of wood as the rest of the floor or can be made to contrast and accent with different or exotic species. Borders can have elaborate corners such as Celtic Knots or Bowties. Borders can be either site designed or prefabricated by a manufacturer. Some of the borders available today are intricate and exquisite.

CUSTOM FLOORS- Custom flooring includes such things as Parquet, Herringbone, and Subway. The floors are laid in different patterns to achieve a unique look. Usually these patterns are accompanied by a border to accent their appearance.

INLAYS- You can have a compass showing north, a golfer making that big putt, or an enormous bull elk inlaid right into your floor. The possibilities are endless with the artist vision and laser wood cutting available today. There are many prefabricated inlays, but you can also have a custom inlay of your favorite Labrador Retriever made to order.

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