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The biggest mistake some people make is covering their existing wood flooring with some alternative not realizing that their current floor can be refinished adding value and nostalgia to the home. For most people the existing wood floor is of better quality than what they will purchase to replace it. We at A-1 can restore almost any New Jersey hardwood flooring. It can be covered with paint, plywood, glue, or even ceramic tile. It can have pet and water stains throughout the majority of the floor. All these instances can be overcome and the floor can be brought back to its original luster. We also provide complete insurance claim service dealing with water or fire damaged flooring. No matter what you have heard from others, you should have us look at the floor to get our professional opinion as to whether a floor is salvageable or not. A-1 prides itself with taking a floor and making it a work of art with our NJ wood floor refinishing services.
STAINING- Staining is available on all of our flooring packages. Price varies depending on the color of the stain and the product used. Most of our staining is done using Minwax Stains however we will use other brands and water-base stains if necessary. Stain colors can be dark to light and black to white. They can even be pastel type colors for a real personalized look. Even if you would like to mix colors to achieve what you want, we will help you choose the right color for your décor.
STAIRS AND RAILINGS- We refinish stair components and railings as well as New Jersey hardwood floors. These need to be assessed on a per job basis to compile the cost associated with your particular job. Call us for a free in home estimate.
PLATINUM WATER PACKAGE- This is our top of the line package. It includes plastic sheeting on all doors, cabinets, and shelving just for added insurance of minimal dust. Then we use our Dust Containment System to insure the cleanest job possible. We will sand the floors to raw wood using multiple abrasives to achieve the exact surface desired. Then we will polish the surface to ensure perfect results. We will then apply four coats of Bona Kemi-Traffic water-based finish. This finish is the most durable water-based finish on the market today. The dry time on this job allows the use of the floors each evening for convenience. No more staying out of the house for a week to get your floors redone. We screen between coats of finish to give you a superior job. This is the best of the best.
GOLD PACKAGE- This package uses three coats of a less expensive water-based finish. There are many others to choose from that are good, but not the best. Dustless sanding is still included and so is the plastic sheeting. You will still have the use of your floors each evening. This package is not recommended for people with dogs or young children.
PLATINUM OIL PACKAGE- This package consists of plastic sheeting on all doors, cabinets, and shelving. We then use our Dust Containment System to insure the cleanest job possible. We will sand the floors to raw wood using multiple abrasives to achieve the exact surface desired. Then we will polish the floor to ensure perfect results. We then apply three coats of our superior oil based polyurethane. This is the most durable finish available today. The dry time on this finish is 6 to 12 hours. You will not be able to use your floor until the next morning. We screen between each coat of finish to give you the smoothest surface possible. This package is recommended for people with pets and young children. This package also carries a five-year warranty against any peeling or flaking.
SILVER PACKAGE- This package is more economical. It still gives you a nice clean job, but does not come with the Dust Containment System. This is the way we did floors for years before the Dust Containment System came out. We will sand your floors to raw wood using multiple abrasives. Then we will coat your floor in either oil or water-based finish. You get three coats of finish and a great job of clean-up. This job surprises many of our customers as to the quality they receive and the price that they pay.
BRONZE PACKAGE- Are you not staying long or a renting a property. Get those floors looking great without the cost usually involved. This is just like our Silver Package, but only includes two coats of finish making the most cost efficient way to do your floors. Again, choose from oil or water-based finish.
We use state of the art dust containment. Our choice was to purchase the BonaKemi Atomic 110. This unit was designed by the leader in dust containment-BonaKemi. They use a powerful vacuum with super fine micron filters and a cyclone chamber to pull the dust outside where it is then collected. We still plastic rooms off that are not being refinished to ensure the best results. It has changed our own lives and the quality of our work environment.  Dustless also gives a better finished product. It eliminates the airborn dust that can get into the polyurethane causing pimples.  Let’s face it-DUSTLESS IS THE WAY TO GO!!!!!!!!
We are also very experienced in refinishing decks. Whether your deck is pine, mahogany, or teak we can refinish it to eliminate splinters and give it a fresh new look. We offer a variety of products to apply to the surface of your deck or porch with a multitude of colors.
At A-1 we have the capability to refinish your school gym or home gym with logos, game lines, and other graphics. We have been in the gym refinishing business for over 40 years.  Anything is possible when it comes to your imagination.  We do any size gym with any type of games or lessons printed right on the floor. Professional logo design is referred to an excellent sign designer.

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