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Bergen County 201-444-9600

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Orange and Rockland County NY 845-477-0800
After your floors are completed you’ll want to get the most life out of them as you can. This is where it is important to follow strict guidelines for maintaining your floor. Keeping them clean and free of residue is what allows us to come back on a periodic basic for a nominal fee and add protection to your floor with a new coat of water or oil polyurethane. This process is recommended every year for high traffic areas and every three to five years for moderate traffic areas. Keep throw rugs and runners strategically placed to capture grit while entering the home and in areas where you turn your feet on the floor. Felt pads are recommended for all furniture.

FIRST- Vacuum regularly with a brush attachment going with the grain and the direction of the floor boards as much as possible. This can also be achieved by sweeping or dust mopping the floor. The highest danger in scratching a floor is for grit to be ground or slid across the floor. It is easier to scratch a floor across the grain than it is to scratch with the grain.  Keeping these larger pieces of debris from being on the floor is of the most importance. This should be done at least once a week.

SECOND- Mop the floor with a solution made up of white vinegar and water. Use one part vinegar to every four parts water. The mop should be rung out as best as possible to ensure no puddles of water remain on the floor. If the water gets dirty change it for a new batch. Also mop with the grain as much as possible in the direction of the floor boards. BonaKemi cleaning kits are also available from us and can be used in place of the vinegar and water solution. If something like food or glue is on the floor you can use a dish washing detergent to remove this, but rinse and wipe up thoroughly after cleaning.

THIRD- Never wax or use a product on the floor that will leave a residue. These may seem like great short term solutions, but will cost you a refinishing in the end. Keep your floor clean and free of anything other than polyurethane. If the shine needs some help, it’s time for a new coat of poly. Call us!!!!